Skillset and Match magazine - september 2018

22 september 2018
Magazine Cedefop promoting learning for work

Enkele highlights:

  • Cedefop’s 2018 European skills forecast: present thoughts on future skills;
  • Austria’s Ministers for Education Heinz Faßmann and for Digital and Economic Affairs Margarete Schramböck on future vocational education and training (VET) challenges in their country and Europe in general;
  • VET students and teachers in Vienna speak about a world of opportunities opening up to them;
  • Engaged parents make a difference to career choices, says the President of the European Parents’ Association Arja Krauchenberg;
  • Professor Ken Mayhew explains why those who think that going to university will bring ‘the glittering prizes of the labour market’ are wrong;
  • and VET popularity increases among young people in Denmark.