Konsekvenspædagogisk vejledning i sociale handlingskompetencer

Erasmus+ | Strategic Partnership 2015-2018
Træningsskolens Arbejdsmarkedsuddannelser (DK)
Partner countries
Denmark, Norway, Sweden
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Developing the social skills of the marginalised youth.
The purpose of this project is to develop an innovative guidance concept based on consequential pedagogy that focuses on developing the social skills of the marginalised youth.

The project is carried out across five Nordic institutions all of which uses consequential pedagogy as their foundation. The five institutions have a strong and strategic partnership routed in the consequential pedagogy and especially the social skills.

In the long term, the aim is to include the two courses in our joint education in consequential pedagogy and we will try making it ECTS accredited. The participants from the courses will become ambassadors for the consequential guidance concept. 

The aim is to improve their transition from school to job and in the end be a way to reduce the unemployment among the youth in the EU. The goal is to strengthen the local practitioners, inspire other education- and guidance institutions and put social skills on the international education policy agenda.

Target groups

  • local practitioners,  education- and guidance institutions, policy makers
  • marginalised youth.


  • we will publish two electronic books about the consequential guidance concept and the supporting leadership practices;
  • two compendiums containing theoretical communication models that will be the basis for two courses in consequential guidance and supporting leadership practices;
  • two media productions;
  • a conference for European participants.

guidance concept based on consequential pedagogy that focuses on developing the social skills of the marginalized youth. The guidance concept will be based on a number of cases from the five institutions.

A better transition from school to the labour market, reducing unemployment.


jongeren, onderwijsbegeleiders, loopbaanbegeleiders, beleidsmakers / stakeholders