Unicef study visit on reducing early school leaving

11 november 2014
Den Haag
Ensuring that every child is in school is a priority for the realisation of child rights and to ensuring that education plays its appropriate role in poverty reduction and human development.
Additionally, education inclusion promotes social cohesion, encourages respect for diversity and improves health. That is why the Unicef Central and Eastern Europe office decided to visit the Netherlands for a study tour, as The Netherlands is considered as one of the EU’s most successful examples in reducing early school leaving rate. The following 8 countries and territories participated: Armenia, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Montenegro, Kazakhstan, Romania, Kosovo and Turkey.
The study tour was organised by CINOP, in close cooperation with Fred Voncken and Martine Soethout of the Ministry of Education Culture and Science. Minister Jet Bussemaker presented in her speech the importance of the topic of the visit and encouraged the participants to cooperate and share ideas with her and each other. 

The visit received an excellent feedback from all 8 delegations. All of them will take back home elements of the Dutch successful strategy in reducing early school leaving and will adapt them to their country context.

On this webpage you will find the programme of the visit all presentations and background material. The webpage is aimed to disseminate the study visit material to the participants of the study visit, but contains valuable documentation for anyone interested in the topic of early school leaving in the Netherlands and the EU. Mainly from policy perspective, but practical examples can be found here too. 

Our aim is to regularly update this webpage with relevant documentation, thus providing an up to date state of the art overview of Early school leaving in the Netherlands. 


With this, the webpage is complementary to the English language section of the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science on Aanval op de Schooluitval (attacking early school leaving).  www.aanvalopschooluitval.nl/english. Apart from interesting documents and presentations you will find there the dropout explorer.

The dropout explorer enables you to explore how early school leaving evolves over time in the Netherlands. In this respect it is possible to zoom into the regions, municipalities and educational institutions. Further, one can distinguish between the several types of education, i.e. secondary education, secondary vocational education and adult education.
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