Career Guidance in a changing World

17 juli 2017
Praag (CZ)
Charles Universiteit
10.00 uur
15.30 uur
Professionalisering en bevordering diversiteit LOB (tweedaags seminar 10-22 november 2017)

The international conference Career Guidance in a Changing World focuses on the role of career guidance and career development for individuals as regards to how they will face changes in today’s society.


The main goal is to further support the professional field of career guidance and to promote its diversity. Moreover, it aims to support research in the field and enrich the public dialogue.


The conference is organized by The Czech Euroguidance Centre, DZS in cooperation with The Department of Adult Education and Personnel Management, Faculty of Arts, Charles University in Prague.

Career guidance and career development are now seen as important tools in people’s lives, especially in a society where the job market is radically changing, making it harder to navigate oneself through one’s career. The ever increasing demand that an employee be flexible creates both personal and professional instability, and our futures become less and less predictable. Career competencies help us navigate our personal development, education, and careers, and can also help with our adaptation to such changes.

What then is the role of career guidance within our ever-changing society? Should career counselors act as independent support for individuals? Should they push for better conditions in personal growth, education, and work?

Services of career guidance encourage the development and mobilization of both personal and professional potential of clients and they should be accessible to all citizens of any age in our society. It is common to offer these services to clients in transition periods such as entry into the labor market after graduation. But career guidance can be beneficial as a lifelong service. It is proven to reduce the public expenses in social and employment sector in the long term.


The conference will be held at Charles University and is free. The capacity is limited.  Registration here.


The conference will focus on topics such as:

  • Politics of career guidance on both national and international level
  • Career guidance and counselling in the 4.0 society
  • Current career concepts and guidance
  • Career guidance for various target groups
  • Career guidance in aging world
  • Methods of career guidance and counselling
  • Career Management Skills
  • Individual career development
  • Career and Life-design
  • Work-life balance
  • Professional development and education of career counsellors

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