6th European conference on LLG policy

13 juni 2016
regional cross sectoral cooperation on lifelong guidance

13th - 14th June 2016 - Haarlem (NL)

The Ministry of Education, Culture and Science organised in cooperation with Euroguidance Netherlands the 6th European conference on lifelong guidance policy, as indicated in the last ELGPN network meeting in Finland. We all expressed the relevance of continuity of our work on lifelong guidance and to exchange our policies and experiences.


The overall theme of the conference was regional cross sectoral cooperation on lifelong guidance. As well regional cooperation between school sectors, between education and Public Employment Services or other guidance related services, between education and labour market as a combination of all of these.

*  Conference summary and conclusions, by Deirdre Hughes and
    Euroguidance Netherlands.

Monday June 13th 2016

Morning session


Afternoon session


  1. Career Guidance in Rotterdam South, by Frank Schutte (NL)
  2. Regional Guidance Centers, by Mika Launikari, Ari-Pekka Leminen (FI) | background information
  3. IBOBB-Caf'e Graz - an urban strategic and operative service approach, by Peter Härtel (AT) | background information
  4. The Regional Guidance Center in Copenhagen, by Torben Faarup Theilgaard (DK)
  5. BRIDGE Project - guidance for lower skilled adults, by Jugatx Ortiz, Rolf Ackermann, Michel Lefrance | background information


Evening session

  • Walking tour
  • Dinner buffet
  • Dance entertainment by students Nova College.


Tuesday June 14th 2016

Morning session


Information market

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