IX Regional conference IACCP

02 december 2016
Warsaw (PL)
SWPS University of Social Sciences and Humanities
16 July 2017
19 July 2017
From a cross-cultural perspective, conflict and cooperation in shaping the future of Europe
Europe and its direct geopolitical neighborhood have become a stage for many dramatic events and processes that no one would have dared to predict some years ago. The wars in the Middle East and the refugee crisis; the Russian-Ukrainian conflict; the economic and political tensions between the EU member states, affecting Union’s stability (e.g. Brexit); and the shocking terrorist attacks – are the most obvious examples of our day to day reality.

These macro political problems have direct cultural roots as well as implications. Never before in its history has cross-cultural psychology been faced with such tests of practical importance. Never before have the research problems on immigration, acculturation, and inter-group relations had so much relevance. The keynote speakers, invited symposia and round table debates will address these problems. 


The motto of the Congress is: From a Cross-Cultural Perspective: Conflict and Cooperation in Shaping the Future of Europe. From this formulation, Scientific Committee has derived five thematic tracks:
  1. Acculturation among Immigrants and Refugees vs. Multiculturalism in receiving society;
  2. Integration and Conflict: Identities in Europe;
  3. Intergroup processes: Ethnic and National Conflicts;
  4. Religions, Ideologies, Political Processes in Current and Historical Perspectives;
  5. Improving intergroup relations: Applications of Cross-cultural Psychology.