Save the date | International week Saxion

28 november 2018
'Inclusiveness in a smart world'
In november organiseert Saxion, Academie Mens en Arbeid, een International Week voor studenten en relaties.

Lees hier meer over de verschillende topics die tijdens het event centraal staan. Een bijdrage aan een van deze topics is mogelijk.

Inclusiveness in a smart world
Some people are better at looking at things from a wider perspective than others
- they can think outside the box. Individuals, companies and organisations strive
for continuity to provide basic safety. Innovation is crucial to survive in the modern 
world. Sometimes we need to be quick and exploit new opportunities when 
we see them. In such cases, continuity can stand in the way of agility. Modern 
technology and serendipity enable us to move forward without losing stability.
On an individual level, we might experience anxiety or even get into a panic
when interacting in a modern and lean world. This is precisely why it is crucial
to invest in an inclusive organisation and society.
How shall we tackle the dilemma between Lean and serendipity in the future?